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 “Memorial Day is not about division, it is about reconciliation,” Bishop del Riego said during his homily. “It is about coming together to honor those who gave their all for us.”

 Bishop del Riego also honored public servants killed in the line of duty including police officers, firefighters and emergency responders, and family members of those killed in war or other public service.  After he mentioned recent U.S. wars and quoted statistics of the many who lost their lives in them, Bishop del Riego prayed that the leaders of nations secure peace.

 “We pray for wisdom and right judgment,” he said. “That they may lead us to live in peace, freedom and prosperity.”

 Held in All Souls Chapel at the diocese’s only Catholic cemetery, the Memorial Day Mass is celebrated annually. This year Our Lady Queen of Peace participated in a national campaign of Catholic cemeteries to honor living military veterans and their families on Memorial Day. They were presented with commemorative pins at the close of the Mass.

 “Even though it’s a day to remember our dead, it’s a day to remember anyone who has served our country,” said Deacon John Barna, director of the diocesan Office of Catholic Cemeteries.