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 “We always hope that the faith-filled nature with which we do our work means that these kinds of behaviors will not occur,” said Ursula Hinkson, associate director of financial affairs for the diocese and a coordinator of the hotline. “At the same time we know that they do happen in all sectors of employment and we need to create a safe and confidential way for those who witness these violations to report them to us. 

 “It is part of being a responsible steward of the resources we have been given.”

 The free, 24-hour hotline is operated by a third party who records the information given by the caller and creates a report that is given to the diocese. Callers are given a report number, PIN and call back date so that they can stay informed about the status of their report. The name and contact information of the caller is requested but anonymously reported information is also taken. The hotline number is 877-263-3273.

 Hinkson added that the hotline is not intended to replace important communication between an employee and their supervisor, which she said should still be the first option if unethical behavior is witnessed.

 “Existing diocesan policies are in place to provide a clear definition of what is expected in the area of workplace ethics,” reads a new brochure that describes the hotline. “As a community of faith we offer each other prayer and support so that these standards are met by all.”