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 “We want our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters to be more connected to the words of Bishop Barnes and the news and happenings of the diocese,” said John Andrews, Director of Communications for the diocese. “While we are always one body in Christ, El Compás Cátolico is offered in the spirit of inclusion to the many thousands of people in our churches who speak and read Spanish, first.”

 Alma Ruiz, who has served as a consultant in the diocesan Office of Catechetical Ministry, serves as Managing Editor of the new newspaper. In an article published in the first issue of El Compás Cátolico she explains the symbolism of the compass in Spanish.

 “The compass is needed for those who travel where there is no marked path,” reads Ruiz’s reflection. “The compass that guides us is, and will always be, the Gospel.”

 The new newspaper will feature some translated articles written for the BYTE, including Bishop Barnes monthly column. But a majority of the paper will be articles written originally in Spanish covering topics that are of particular interest to Spanish speaking Catholics.