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 While being heavily involved at the Rancho Cucamonga parish was satisfying, Erroa felt a deeper calling and decided to consider entering religious life.

 After researching congregations, she decided to try an immersion experience with the Congregation of the Esclavas de la Inmaculada Niña (Slaves of the Immaculate Child), a congregation serving in Mexico.

 “I remember getting off the plane and thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I doing here? I know some Spanish, but not very well. When is the next plane? Can I go back home?’ But I was able to open my heart to a new experience, even though I hate change,” Erroa said.

 During her time with the congregation, she met with the sisters and got a feel for what religious life would entail with the congregation.

 “I give thanks to my mom for allowing me to have that immersion experience. After that experience, it changed my life completely,” Erroa said.

 She credits her family for giving her strength throughout her life. Coupled with the parish community’s support, it made the decision to be open to God’s call to consecrated life easy for her.

 In February, a week before she was to journey to Mexico to begin her journey in consecrated life, the Sacred Heart community joined her in a farewell during the parish’s Holy Hour. During the special event, Father Benedict Nwachukwu-Udaku, Pastor, prayed over her and wished her well on her journey.

 Erroa has begun her formal discernment process, known as postulancy, with the congregation. This period will last about a year. Following her postulancy, she will ask to be accepted into the novitiate, where she will formally be admitted into the community. After the novitiate she may make her first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. After five to nine years, she will then request to take her perpetual profession of vows with the congregation. 

 Since entering the Congregation, she has been put to work, serving the people of Queretaro, Mexico and neighboring areas.  She has been preparing to continue as a catechist, this time as a member of the congregation. While only in the first stages of her preparation, she says she is excited to be serving the community and serving God.