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 In what has become an annual event, H & R Realty brought a Halloween craft for the third and seventh graders. Students at St. Catherine are paired up as buddies. Buddies attend weekly liturgies together, and get together several times a year for activities. Some buddy classes also go on field trips together. 

 Mrs. Maria Padilla, the former 7th grade teacher, reached out to the school last year to begin this event. The Padilla family has long been supporters of the school. Several members of the family are alumni and two family members currently attend our school. 

 This year’s event was a craft. Students painted glasses to resemble jack o’ lanterns. Students began by painting the glasses orange and green. While they were waiting for the paint to dry students completed a Halloween word search. Four lucky students got a word search with a sticker on the back and received a $10 McDonald’s gift card. Once the paint was dry it was time to add faces to the pumpkins. Students also received goodie bags filled with candy and other treats. The students had a lot of fun and we look forward to next year’s event.

 Anna Corlew is the third grade teacher at St. Catherine of Siena School in Rialto