St. Thomas the Apostle, Riverside

About My School

By Tawny Nguyen
Grade 8

RIVERSIDE—St. Thomas the Apostle School is excellent. St. Thomas has a welcoming community filled with friendly faculty, staff, teachers, and students. My school has many programs to help its students grow in faith and in everyday life. Students attend Mass and help the local community. St. Thomas has activities I can join to improve my skills as a student and a leader. Positive role models show me how to be an example of Christ through my words and actions.


 At St. Thomas there is a large group of people I can look up to and turn to for help. The teachers at my school take time out of their busy schedules and help us if we do not understand a concept. Entertaining but educational field trips and events further our knowledge and make learning fun. One of the educational events that I enjoy at St. Thomas is History Night. This is a night that everyone participates in. Each class chooses a time period, finds interesting facts about it, and makes their class look like the time period. 

 My school has a fantastic leadership program. Student Leadership has allowed me to grow closer to God and my community. Student Leadership allows me to help people outside my community. For example, the Student Leadership members recently visited and made goodie bags for the people at the convalescent homes. This program has taught me to be a strong leader in my community.

 St. Thomas is active in the church community. Students attend Mass monthly. Each month a different class hosts the mass and the priest includes that class in the homily. During Lent we participate in Stations of the Cross. This strengthens our bond with Jesus because when we see what Jesus did for us it inspires us to be grateful for him. My school participates in food drives and donates money to help others in need. Each month my school tried to either donate granola bars or have a free dress day to raise money to help feed the homeless.

 St. Thomas the Apostle Community has inspired me to be a witness of faith by doing large or small acts of kindness. When I graduate in June I will never forget the valuable lessons that I have learned. I know that St. Thomas will always be my foundation. I am proud to be called a St. Thomas student!