Presbyteral Council adds new members

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SAN BERNARDINO—Father Cletus Imo, Father James Gibson, C.R., Father Cristobal Subosa and Father Albert Utzig, S.S.C. were all elected to the Diocesan Presbyteral Council by their fellow priests at the annual priests’ convocation this past September in Palm Desert.

 Father Eliseo Napiere, M.S.P. was appointed to the Council.

 Father Erik Esparza, J.C.L. was elected chairperson at the first official meeting of the Presbyteral Council in Redlands. Fr. Subosa was elected vice chairperson and Fr. Gibson was elected secretary/treasurer at the same meeting.

 The Prebyteral Council serves as the Bishop’s principal clergy advisory board.

 Serving on the Council with Bishop Gerald Barnes as President/Bishop are Ex Officio members Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard Lopez, S.T.L., V.G., Very Rev. Romeo Selección, M.S., E.V. and Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.

 Appointed members to the Council are Very Rev. Anthony Dao, V.F. (Hemet Vicariate), Very Rev. Canice Nwizu, V.F. (High Desert Vicariate), Very Rev. Alex Gamino, V.F. (Low Desert Vicariate), Very Rev. Gene Sabio, M.S.C., V.F. (Riverside Vicariate), Very Rev. Leonard DePasquale, I.M.C., V.F. (San Bernardino Vicariate), and Very Rev. Benedict-Udaku Nwachukwu, V.F. (West End Vicariate).

 In addition to the previously mentioned, the elected members include Very Rev. Msgr. Tom Burdick, Rev. Manuel Cardoza, Very Rev. Msgr. Howard Lincoln, Rev. James McLaughlin, Rev. Michael Onwuemelie, C.S.Sp., and Very Rev. Msgr. Don Webber.