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By Andraea Regalado-Cardenas

 St. George Parish School is a radiant gem in Ontario. Miracles happen here every day. When our eldest son, Andres, started junior kindergarten at St. George, he ignited the third generation to attend Catholic school in our family. 

 When our youngest son, Christopher, was diagnosed with autism, we were convinced he would not be able to attend St. George with his brother. However, our principal at the time, Peter Horton, invited us to register Chris. From that day forward, amazing achievements have happened every day because of the love, hope, support, and prayer that fill our community of St. George Parish School. 

 When Andrew Ramirez took place as our new principal, he promised to continue helping Chris grow. The most instrumental way he does this is by having an exceptional Resource Teacher. Christina Murguia. She is the key and primary link between the parents, teachers, administrative staff, school district, and therapists. She helps and encourages all of our students with devotion, patience, genuineness, endearment, and reliability. 

 Chris has made the most progress with her because she has taken the time to observe what tools truly help him. Christina celebrates every accomplishment and recognizes the gifts of each student. She encourages the growth and development of our students with a beautiful smile, strategic plan, inspiring prayer, and devoted heart. 

 St. George School is powered and guided by the Holy Spirit and Murguia. She is a blessing to our school and students!