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At the cell he did stare,
what it was, he was not aware,
“Alas!” he did cry,
“There it is, the Nuclei!”
then he looked at the rest of the cell,
as he predicted it was going well.

Now let’s learn a little more,
about what a cell has in store.

The Nucleus is like the brain of the cell,
it gives commands,
and holds genetic material as well.

The Cytoplasm here will be there forever,
it’s the gel that holds everything together.

Now the Ribosomes can be compared to fast food joints,
it creates proteins at this certain point.

The E.R. is a great big maze,
it carries proteins in many ways.

The Golgi Body is like UPP,
sending proteins to a different address.

Thank you for joining us,
we really had fun,
but always remember,
that this was just one.

There are trillions of cells out there,
too tiny for us to see,
but they’re so important, in fact,
that they make up you and me.