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St. George School, Ontario, celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special Mass on March 5. Bishop Alberto Rojas was there to celebrate the Mass, and afterwards, the school and parish community gathered for a gala. The centennial was actually in 2020, but the celebration had been postponed due to the pandemic.

“To be able to celebrate such a momentous occasion after so many delays was incredibly humbling,” said Principal Andrew Ramirez. “The community, both near and far, came together to celebrate the rich history of St. George School.”

Attendees included the current school community (students, family, teachers and staff) but also many alumni and former teachers and staff. “St. George School has touched so many lives, and being able to see so many of our students, teachers and families under one roof was truly heartwarming,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez said that seeing so many alumni gathered together has inspired him to establish an Alumni Association to keep the community connected. “I hope that creating an Alumni Association would encourage people to actively participate in our school’s events and to not only be a part of our history, but to continue being a part of our present and our future,” he said.

Ramirez pointed out that many alumni go on to enroll their children in St. George also. “Parents who graduated from our school bring their own children here because of the memories and experiences that they had while they were students themselves,” he said. “I am humbled to know that the impact our school has made spans generations that came before me and will continue to inspire the generations that will come after me.”