Local newspaper rates Aquinas best in county

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SAN BERNARDINO—Aquinas High School has received the honor of being chosen the “Best Private School in San Bernardino County 2012” by the Sun Readership Awards.  The Administration and faculty are, needless to say, very proud of this award which comes directly from the community.  With the steady stream of physical improvements to the campus, the continuation of all courses, and the sports teams continually making a name for themselves, Aquinas is already at more than 100 freshmen applying for the fall, and the school expects more.


 At the Krikorian Theatre in Redlands, one can see the Aquinas advertisement for the next two months, which highlights the Sun Readership Award.  And driving by the Aquinas campus, the on-going work to beautify and ease the access into the school’s gym, cannot be missed.  Numerous parent volunteers have put many hours into this renovation project which will greatly enhance the beauty of the campus and provide a comfortable area for families and fans to gather before, after and in-between games.

 Aquinas has diligently completed another school year moving in a positive direction.  The senior class has once again achieved a 98 percent college acceptance rate.  The girls’ softball team has earned the number one seed for the seconnd consecutive year as they enter into CIF playoffs with their eyes on the finals. And senior softball player Danielle Vega is breaking all kinds of records in the Inland Empire, in the CIF Southern Section, and in the state.