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By Dr. Samuel Torres

 Summertime presents that needed planning time for administrators and Catholic school leaders to reflect on improvement and change. Coordinating the yearly activities is done with great care and anticipation of the progress and achievement marking each year. 

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By Samuel Torres

torressam In contemplating the end of the school year, we bring to the forefront our reason for offering a Catholic education.  The goal of Catholic schools is to invite our youth into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.  Nurturing this relationship and helping students deepen their relationship with Christ encourages life in the church and a sense of belonging.

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By Samuel Torres

 In the church, Lent brings a time of reflection and pause, an opportunity for each of us to think of how we are demonstrating our fidelity to our faith.  Our Catholic school communities walk with our students through the 40 days of Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, students received ashes to help them consider the relationship between the physical and spiritual reality of our existence. Our Lenten journey is a prayerful time to take stock of our lives, and to allow our hearts to prepare for the glory of Easter. 

 This time of year, we seek to quiet our rushed lives, increase our spiritual devotions, while listening intently to the meaning of God’s word in our lives.  The potential for this quiet time unearths a new awareness of our vulnerability to sin, humbles our spirit, and renews in us a reverence for the solitude of God as we journey towards Easter in an attitude of reparation and gratitude. 

 Many young people will sacrifice pleasures such as giving up soda, candy, social media, or whatever they choose. They will also consider incorporating some new prayer practice, service or charity as they contemplate God’s immense love during Lent. As they choose to help around the house, add a prayer walk or take time to uplift others, may we all see our Lord in the faces of our young. May we minister to others with the faith of a child, allowing our children to lead us by their examples? We can all keep it simple, as a child would, to perfectly honor the glory of Jesus. United as children under the risen Lord we celebrate His majesty and thank Him for His guidance on our journey back to Him.  Please remember our Catholic school children in your prayers this Lent. May the joy of Easter fill your heart with peace and gratitude!

 Samuel Torres is Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of San Bernardino.

By Samuel Torres

 The end of the school year is only a glance away.  Graduating students from 8th and 12th grade anticipate their new journeys. Seniors will give final notification of acceptance by May 1 and ponder their next academic commitment, while 8th grade students have already discerned high school placements.

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Samuel_TorresBy Samuel Torres

 Catholic education in the 21st century is a dynamic process and we seek to provide the best experience in our elementary and secondary schools. Innovation and experience with STEM and STEAM programs have led to the improved STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program. Students are led to the realization that God’s hand is in all of the content taught.

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