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By Sr. Mary Garascia

 At an Easter Vigil recently, I watched with amazement an infant girl, a pre-walker, perhaps six months old. She was in the first pew with a family receiving sacraments. During the entire three-hour service she did not cry or sleep or eat! She made faces with the closest young server, happily moved from lap to lap, watched everything, and smilingly interacted with everyone.

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By Sr. Mary Garascia, C.P.P.S.

 Is Communion in the hand a diabolical attack on the faith? Some high ranking leaders in the Universal Church have suggested this. Cardinal Robert Sarah, who heads the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship, the Pope’s administrative department that monitors all things sacramental and liturgical, asks, “Why do we insist on receiving Communion standing and on the hand? Why this attitude of lack of submission to the signs of God?” He laments that this practice has weakened belief in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. 

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Sr. Mary Garascia 

 Sexual harassment has dominated the news in the last three or four months. It got me thinking about how far we still need to go to understand our sexuality and to better form our young people to be successful lovers. 

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By Sr. Mary Garascia

 My friend almost fell into Sandra’s lap! We had boarded the subway in Washington D.C. during rush hour, and were reaching for poles by her seat, when the train started with a jerk. Sandra was a senior lady, tiny, with bright eyes fringed with gray brows. We started chatting, and the conversation quickly became pretty amazing and filled with the light of the Risen Christ. 

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By Sr. Mary Garascia

 It was nearly Christmas a few years ago, and I was visiting people at a community meal, part of our parish’s family faith formation program. At one table there was a young Dad with his eight-year-old daughter. 

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