Discipleship ... Live it!
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By Theresa Montminy

 So my dear friends, the summer months are here and for many of us this may provide a little more time to relax and to actually sit down and think! 

 Perhaps some of our time can be placed on the challenge of Christian life today, taken from a phrase that is growing in popularity in our Church—“intentional discipleship.” What does it really mean to live out a life dedicated as a true disciple of Jesus? Where do we find Jesus? How do we follow Him?


 Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say that there are two kinds of “real presence” of Our Lord in this world, she wrote: “the Lord’s real presence is in the Blessed Sacrament, where He fills us with His light, His life, and His love; and, Our Lord’s real presence is in the poor, both in those materially poor and those spiritually poor, where He is waiting for us to give Him back His light, His life, and His love.” Further she writes: “Living on the Bread of Life, we receive Our Savior’s merciful love, sharing our bread with those who hunger physically and spiritually, we return that love back to Him, giving His compassionate Heart solace and joy.” 

 What we see in the life of Mother Teresa is an example of a life dedicated as a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Her writing helps us to understand that God has created each one of us for some purpose, given us His Son as our Redeemer and bestowed upon us the gifts of His Holy Spirit for some benefit. The question may be what is OUR purpose? 

 To help us discover our purpose, Jesus established the Church as a means of keeping His promise to remain with us always. He bestowed unique gifts and talents on each of us so that we would share them with each other to make this a better world. He created us as social beings to seek out in each other attributes that help us to become closer to Him together. What a noble destiny we share!

 What is one thing that we can all do right now to take that first step of becoming the best version of our self? Simple the first step ... don’t be afraid to smile ... when you smile, you have been touched by love. After that, go and make disciples. 

 For the opportunity to reflect with you on the theme of discipleship over the past year, I wish to express my deepest expression of gratitude. Yours in HIS service as HIS servant ... Terrie.

Theresa Montminy is Director of Mission Advancement in the Diocese of San Bernardino.