By Monsignor Philip Behan

 Martin Buber, the great Jewish philosopher and mystic, delighted in telling the story of a Rabbi in Jerusalem. One day, a young student of the Rabbi came running into the Rabbi’s study.

 “Rabbi, Rabbi! It is true. The Messiah has finally come!” the student announced.

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By Karen Grozak

 Every single aspect of my family life is JOY! My trek to the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) was to affirm this and inspire others to find the same family joy. Pope Francis made clear at the WMOF that God works through us. Love is our mission and that families should radiate the joy of the Gospel

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By Trent Teruya

 Being able to go to the World Meeting of Families and to see Pope Francis was a once in a lifetime experience.

 In seeing Pope Francis, I could feel God’s presence so much stronger than I do every day.  He inspired me to be more serious about being Catholic and about helping others.

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By Julia Lewis Lee

 The key speakers, presenters, and literature at the World Meeting of Families conference guided me on how to strengthen my families and home and in my parish.

 Being in Pope Francis’ presence and hearing his messages and prayers gave me the tools to care for our children as well as the elderly.

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