By Hilda Cruz

 Attending the World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis was an unforgettable, spiritual and reaffirming experience.

 The Canonization Mass reminded me of how grateful I should be to all those who take on the mission of leaving their native land to share the Gospel.

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By Father Earl Henley, M.S.C.

 The people were hungry and they were looking forward to his arrival.

 As a missionary priest, I can relate to him. He is a missionary and as a missionary you walk with the people.

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By Dan and Lydia Kray

 We were so looking forward to gathering with over a million Catholics to get more excited and learn more about our faith. We found that and much more!

 We were most moved by the main message of “ Love is our Mission.” We experienced it in the people there, even while waiting six hours in line with thousands of people. We all were at peace just waiting and singing hymns to our Lord while in line all that time.

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By Deacon Raymond Moon

 I was impressed by the diversity of people who were there. People from over 130 countries, it was impossible to calculate the number of languages that were being spoken. Yet during the entire week I felt that we were absolutely connected as family, as we were and are, one family in Christ. 

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By Bishop Rutilio del Riego

 If nothing else happens this visit of the Holy Father will have had value because you are talking about capturing hope. That is what happened.

 But I think for us as Catholics, it is a calling to move in this direction, knowing that it is the work of the Spirit.

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