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By Jesus Puentes 

“The Church will empower the Hispanic/Latino people to live their vocation more fully as joyful missionaries to the whole Church.”—Vision and Theme of a V Encuentro (V Enuentro Website)

 I must start this time with a disclaimer: I’m talking about a mess, and there’s a lot I will not be able to explain, and I’m only giving one small perspective on it! Now, it may come as a surprise to you, but it seems that V Encuentro (which means “Fifth Encounter”) may not only be about older Hispanics. In fact, it may not only be about Hispanics! As I said, this is a mess, so let’s start sorting through everything to understand the place of the young adult in this national process.

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By Jesus Puentes

“A life unlike your own can be your teacher.” —St. Columban

 Anime?! That’s right, anime! This is about how Japanese cartoons have had an impact on my faith life, in particular, a show called “Naruto Shippuden.”

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By Jesus Puentes

 Imagine this: You are walking along a path outside, surrounded by trees and wilderness; it’s dark, and dawn is just breaking; your eyes are wide open, and you search all around you for any light that could guide you down the path. Sometimes you try to run, but end up crashing into something or tripping over a stone, and other times you walk very slowly, trying to avoid every possible obstacle, and trying to feel every edge and contour of the path.

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By Jesus Puentes

 As promised, let’s talk more about that path. In case you’re wondering which path I’m talking about, take a quick look at the November issue of the BYTE for Pt. 1 of this reflection, where you can find out!

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By Jesus Puentes

 There is a multitude of voices that vie for your attention every day. There are commercials for products or television shows, your family and friends asking you to spend time with them, and professors or bosses that expect your full cooperation and undivided attention in the moment of duty. 

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