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By Maria Covarrubias

 We live in a time that seems dark, often feeling uncertainty and fear. Violence, discrimination and pain occur around us and this is directly affecting us and many of our brothers and sisters.

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 The virtue of compassion is essential if we hope to achieve strong and healthy relationships. However, putting it into practice with those closest to us is no walk in the park. It is more like climbing a steep mountain, many times due to the hardness of our hearts. The word compassion comes from the Latin word “com” (with) and the word “pati” (suffer). It means “to suffer with.” It speaks to us about an action.

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maria_covarrubiasBy Maria G. Covarrubias

 Lent is the 40-day journey of penance and examination of our lives. This liturgical season helps us to pay attention to our need for conversion of the heart and mind, strip ourselves from the baggage that we carry, and learn to trust and rely completely on God’s grace. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday, the Church keeps a time of penance and preparation for baptism.

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By Susana Soto

 The month of May is most often referred to as the Marian month due mostly to St. Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Mense Maio from 1965. This has since become a time of year that we as Catholics truly devote ourselves to honoring the Queen of Heaven. As a people of tradition and ritual, we have several ways by which we can not only “express in images the same Gospel message that Scripture communicates by words” but we also have the beauty of sacred art that allows us the space to move into meditation and reflection. (CCC 1160)

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