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By Maria G. Covarrubias

 On November 1st, we, Roman Catholics celebrate the Feast of All Saints. Who are the saints and why do we celebrate them? 

 The saints are not people different from us. In all times there have been saints of different ages, gender and ethnicities. Some were tall or short, some were rich and some poor. Some lived a life away from God, until they encountered Jesus, and then their lives changed and they followed him. Others followed the Lord all their lives.

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By Maria Covarrubias

 The Second Vatican Council document on the Church, Lumen Gentium (“Light to the Nations”), ends with a chapter on Mary. This is to highlight Mary’s role in our salvation history. Understanding more clearly the role of Mary in God’s plan of salvation help us to better grasp the role that God wants her to play in our spiritual lives. We honor Mary because God honored her in a very unique way when he chose her to be the Mother of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ.

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By María G. Covarrubias

 Summer is almost over and most parishes are preparing to begin their catechetical programs again. Every year in September, the Catholic Church has a day to celebrate the ministry of catechesis and those called to be catechists. This special day is called Catechetical Sunday. 

 Catechetical Sunday came about in 1935, when the Vatican published a document called “On the Better Care and Promotion of Catechetical Education.” This document asks every country to acknowledge the importance of the Church’s teaching ministry and to honor those who serve the Christian community as catechists.

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By Maria G. Covarrubias

 As we continue in the joy of the Easter Season, we see many signs of life, faith and hope around us. Many children, youth and adults in our Catholic parishes of the Diocese of San Bernardino have received sacraments for the first time. Some completed their Christian Initiation in the Easter Vigil. During May, a large number of children and youth received Reconciliation and First Communion; many youth and adults have received Confirmation around the Pentecost celebration. What a joy-filled season!

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