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 The retreat started on Friday evening August 10 and ended about 9:30 p.m. Father Peter Ugwuegbulem, PAC, opened up the minds and hearts of the participants and they went home hungering for more. The next morning they all came back earlier standing and waiting for the continuation of this blessed retreat. 

 Organizers had planned for 120-150 participants but on Saturday morning over 200 people had assembled. Our faithful God showed up and made a way. It was a wonderful day in the Lord. We worked on our family tree as far and deep as individual families were able to and offered it to the Eucharistic Lord, a moment that brought rejoicing fulfillment to the families present and lots of results were realized and affirmed. People spiritually ate their fill and rejoiced going home. On Sunday morning almost all came back for the conclusion. We concluded with a Holy Mass. It was a retreat we will not forget for years to come. Hope you join us next time.

   David Okonkwo is the Director of the Diocesan Ministry to Catholics of African Decent.