With his unique way of greeting, Monsignor Tom Wallace reminds us of our baptismal call

By John Andrews

 “Hello, St. John.”

 The first time he called me that I did a double take. I may have even said to myself, “yeah, right. Me, a saint.”

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The stories of our dear departed keep them with us

By Father Steve Porter, STL

 Loving our loved ones once they’ve moved on ... As Catholics we very firmly believe that death is not the end, that there is hope, and that that hope lies in Jesus Christ, and only in him—he is the resurrection, and the life. Eat and drink, as he commands us, and we shall live forever—that’s the promise he made, and I believe it! Our faith says that our loved ones are with God, yet our heart says, “ouch,” our loved ones are not with us ... anymore.

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SAN BERNARDINO—Bishop Barnes celebrated the Rite of Candidacy for Holy Orders on October 11th at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, San Bernardino. He formally accepted the entrance of twelve men into formation for Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate.  They are as follows: Bernardo Agustin, David Arias, Jose Fidel Canovas, Juan Diaz, Ricardo Garcia, Jose Martin Gomez, Vicente Gonzales, Robert Gonzalez, Roberto Hernandez, Ulises Miranda, Juan Ramirez, and Francisco Antonio Sanchez. Congratulations to them as they begin their diaconate journey.

A reflection for October – the Month of the Holy Rosary

By Sister Jeremy Gallet, SP

 “All right. Let the dishes drain. It’s time for the Rosary.” 

 Every evening after supper from the time I was about five years old until I was in high school this is what I heard. Then, as a family, we went into our parents’ room, knelt down by the side of the double bed and prayed the Rosary. No phone calls, no radio or TV, but 15 or 20 minutes of focused family prayer. I quickly memorized all the prayers in the Rosary Novena book that my mother had and, when I was old enough, I was very proud that she let me read some of the introductions to the individual decades.

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Visit our Episcopal Transition Page here

SAN BERNARDINO—At press time, the Diocese had not yet received word on the identity of the Coadjutor Bishop who is expected to be named by the Vatican in the months before Bishop Gerald Barnes reaches the retirement age of 75.

 Bishop Barnes released a video message announcing the coming year of Episcopal Transition on Aug. 8. He reflected with gratitude on his 28-year Episcopal Ministry here while also talking about the coming of his successor.

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By Natalie Romano

 You might be sick of high temperatures and the summer sun but diocesan leaders say, ‘let there be light!’

 That’s because the Pastoral Center is joining a growing list of local parishes that are harnessing the region’s abundant sunshine to power its facilities. 

 The Diocese broke ground on its Solar Energy Project on August 16th. The construction consists of 1,011 solar panels designed to produce more than 543 kilowatts of energy. The panels will be installed on a new carport that includes two charging stations for electric vehicles. Additionally, drought tolerant plants and decomposed granite will replace some traditional grass landscaping.

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