By Rabbi Hillel Cohn

 The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Gerald Barnes is one in which the wider community joins the Diocese of San Bernardino. 

 For the past quarter-century Bishop Barnes has been far more than the leader of the Diocese. He has been a leader and participant in the wider community. In so many significant ways he has enriched the lives of us all.

 The motto that Bishop Barnes selected for his coat of arms and that guides his ministry is “Amar Es Entregarse—Love is the Total Giving of Oneself.” While Bishop Barnes has honored others over the years with an award bearing that motto—an honor I received in 2013 for which I will be eternally grateful—he has lived by it. 

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By Lois Carson

 The 25th anniversary celebration of Bishop Barnes can be summed up in three words: an unforgettable weekend!

 As a Catholic of African descent, I was thrilled to see the level of involvement of black Catholics in all the anniversary activities. It brought tears to my eyes to see the black women who prepared the altar at Mass, and the black girls as part of the litugical dancers.

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By Mary Farrell

 Amar Es Entregarse—“Love is the total giving of Oneself.”

 Bishop Barnes’ Episcopal motto has been shown to us through 25 years of his leadership in our Diocese. When he first invited the laity to become involved in various works of the Diocese, he immediately provided instructional classes to enable us to correctly do the various works that the laity perform in the Diocese.

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By Sr. Sue Reif, OSF

 Over 30 years ago, during a Hispanic Vocation Conference, I visited with a priest whom I will never forget. His vision of Church and of women in the Church lifted my spirits and gave me hope. He told me his name was “Gerry Barnes” and that he worked in San Antonio. 

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By Omar and Emelin Guitierrez

 The youth look for God and for a sense in their lives. They want to be accepted and to belong. More than ten years ago and through a personal encounter with God in the ministry of young adults “Young Christ”(Cristo Joven) we found the sense and mission of our lives. Since that day, we began to experience the richness our faith and the infinite love God has for each one of His children.

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