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By Father Javier Gonzales Cabrera

 The good shepherd listens to the sheep and knows how each of them embraces the ups and downs of ordinary life. At times, the good shepherd offers comfort and encouragement. On other occasions, the good shepherd rejoices or suffers with the sheep.

The reason for this is that the good shepherd walks with the sheep, so that each of them remains in his care. The good shepherd knows his flock deeply and that sooner or later they will appreciate his care. And thus they can say to the good shepherd, “thank you,” with words and deeds. Like the living present speaks about the past, it also points toward the horizon where the ongoing journey of the good shepherd and his flock keep moving.

 Based on my experience, the good shepherd is our Bishop Gerald Barnes, and his flock is the people of the Diocese of San Bernardino. Bishop Barnes has been walking with us and thus taking the active role of the good shepherd. He knows that we are worthy and also that “AMAR ES ENTREGARSE.” Thank you for being our good shepherd! 

Father Javier Gonazlez Cabrera is Associate Director of Vocations for the Diocese of San Bernardino.