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By Bishop Gerald Barnes

  What does love for the Church look like?

 It has many faces; participating in the everyday life of the Church, attending Mass and keeping up with our Sacraments, living out the teachings of the Church, contributing our resources of time, talent and treasure, teaching and passing along the faith to our children and others. This is a familiar checklist.

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In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Diocese, Bishop Phillip Straling sat down with Father Erik Esparza to reminisce about the founding of the Diocese, its rapid growth and the transition to Bishop Barnes’ episcopacy.

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I. The Early History

 While the Diocese of San Bernardino is still relatively young having been started in 1978, the presence of the Catholic Church in the area can be traced to the 1700’s. The early history of the Diocese of San Bernardino began with the founding of the California Missions (1769-1823).

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By Pam Lucero 

 There were a number of challenges to reach the point where our family is now. From an immigrant family with my parents and five siblings, it has resulted in me being what I am now, an active and committed Hispanic Catholic woman.

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