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By Khaeryst Estrella

 Knowing that this Diocese is the sixth largest in the nation with more than 1.6 million Catholics, the fact that I have shared a personal friendship as a 17-year-old student with the shepherd of this local Church demonstrates the genuine care and concern that he has for every one of his sheep. 

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By Ken Sawa

 Along with the Catholic Community in the Diocese of San Bernardino, I have been personally blessed by Bishop Barnes’ living example of “Love is the total giving of oneself” – year after year for the past 25 years. For I began my work at Catholic Charities in 1992, the same year Bishops Barnes was appointed as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese.

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By Father Javier Gonzales Cabrera

 The good shepherd listens to the sheep and knows how each of them embraces the ups and downs of ordinary life. At times, the good shepherd offers comfort and encouragement. On other occasions, the good shepherd rejoices or suffers with the sheep.

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By Densy Chandra

 Twenty-five years ago Bishop Barnes came from San Antonio, Texas; He was appointed to become the first Auxiliary Bishop of our Diocese. I have known Bishop Barnes for 17 of the 25 years. By then, when I first met him, he was already the Ordinary of the Diocese. I was very impressed when he recognized me the second time we met. 

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