This is Our Faith
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This is a joyful time for these people, their catechists and communities who journeyed with them during the time of discernment, formation and preparation. This month, we would like to share with you a letter from Our Lady of the Assumption catechist and R.C.I.A. Coordinator Clare Colella that gives us a glimpse of the experiences lived in this journey toward Christ. 

 Hello, dear Neophyte, 

 Blessed Easter!

 Well done!! Or better, well-begun! 

 It was such a joy to celebrate with you at the Easter Vigil and to continue to walk with you during this time of Mystagogy. 

 Seeing you at Mass wearing your white garment, about to celebrate fully with all the community and receive Eucharist is a blessing in itself. The joy of the whole community is a tangible affirmation of the welcome and support they feel for you and the others! 

 More than ever we have that awareness that “initiation” is alive and well – this is the beginning of a new part of the journey of faith you’ve been on for quite a while. I know your godparents and family have been your strength. I also know that the rest of the parish ministry leaders have enjoyed getting to know you over the past 20 or so months as you made your steps forward and became involved in the parish activities. 

 The energy and joy you brought to our gatherings and to the different parish groups you got to know were – and are – awesome! Our parish pasta fest was a great time for you to help meet and serve parishioners – thanks so much! The Food Pantry ministry wants you to continue – you are so generous with your time, and we are all grateful that your schedule allows you to be there! All those months of learning, serving, praying, being there for an infant baptism celebration and later, for a funeral in our parish, helped you to know how we pray our beliefs. 

 The parishioners who had gotten to know you could see God’s grace alive and active in your life. Their words of testimony to us on the team, and again at the Rite of Sending at Mass, were affirmation that the months of formation and prayer and service were really forming you into a disciple, ready to join the Church in a formal way when you had already made us your family of faith. I am very proud of your courage and perseverance as you continue your pilgrimage of faith. 

 You embody so well what Pope Francis calls “missionary disciples” that we look forward to enjoying these next weeks and our formal celebration at Pentecost. The special Mass with our pastor and the community will bring a close to the “formal period of Mystagogy and our weekly gatherings with you, and your continued active participation in the life and work of our community will help you grow even more in our faith.

 I just want you to know what a blessing you are in my life. God has done great things in and through you and that will continue as you continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and explore what it means to be a Catholic Christian in the world today! 

 Thank you for sharing your faith journey with me, with us this far, and we will see you very soon!!

 God bless and keep you! Peace!

 - Clare