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Endowment funds like the one recently established for +Fr. Richard Humphrys is another way Catholics can practice good stewardship

humphreys-fr-richardFor 62 years, Father Richard A. Humphrys labored in the Lord’s Vineyard as a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of San Bernardino, baptizing children, hearing confessions at all hours, celebrating up to five Masses each Sunday.

He was called to eternal rest on January 11, 2020 but his legacy of priestly service lives on now, thanks to an endowment in his name announced earlier this year.

In recognition of his outstanding service to the Church, the Family and Estate of Fr. Humphrys has established posthumously the Reverend Richard A. Humphrys Seminarian Endowment Scholarship Fund at St. Junipero Serra House of Formation. The special Endowment Fund was established in observance of the first-year anniversary of the death of Fr. Humphrys.

The Diocesan Office of Mission Advancement is pleased to offer this basic information about Endowment Funds as another way for local Catholics who are able to share in the bounty they have received from God.

What is an Endowment? An Endowment is a special type of savings account set up in honor of a person to recognize their life and work. The funds given to the Endowment are a “gift that keeps on giving,” since these funds are deposited in secure investments that generate annual investment income that can be used in perpetuity for the good works of the mission of the Church.

How do you set up an Endowment? You can easily set up an Endowment by contacting the Diocesan Mission Advancement Office by speaking with Julio Chavez, Operations Manager. He will explain the investment procedures in total confidence.

How much is required to establish an Endowment? There are minimum investment amounts that are required. These amounts can be explained to you in confidence.

Who can be honored by an Endowment? You can establish an Endowment to honor the memory of a family member, a beloved pastor whom you wish to honor, or a dedicated teacher, parish minister, or community leader. The Endowment will be named for the person you select. A special Endowment Charter will be prepared and signed by our Diocesan Bishop, Most Reverend Alberto Rojas, and will be presented to you in person.

Fr Richard A. Humphrys now enjoys the eternal reward for his tireless work as a dedicated Roman Catholic priest of our Diocese in bringing countless Catholic souls to a closer relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. His ministry will continue to bear much fruit through the Reverend Richard A. Humphrys Seminarian Endowment Scholarship Fund. For further details on Endowments, please contact Julio Chavez at 909-475-5462 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.