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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Peace and wellbeing to you and your families.

I would like to invite you to join me and many others in prayer and solidarity with the Tongan Communities in our Diocese and around the world as they cope with the tragedies resulting from the Tsunami that struck the Tongan islands earlier this month.

The earthquake and resulting tidal waves have caused catastrophic property damage and loss of life. The Tongan people are experiencing grief and uncertainty and we stand with them in this difficult hour. In a special way, I extend my blessings to the Tongan Community of our Diocese, whose unique expression of our Catholic faith has so enriched our multicultural fabric here. Please know that I am with you in solidarity and that God walks with you in times of darkness such as this.

In addition to offering our prayers and solidarity, I ask those who are able to consider making a financial contribution toward the major relief efforts that are already underway. You can obtain more information on how to do that by calling the Diocesan Mission Office at (909) 475-5130.

These moments of international tragedy remind us that we are indeed a Universal Church. When our sisters and brothers in another part of the world suffer, we suffer with them, and we extend our hand to lift them. Thank you so much for your collaboration.

Peace and God’s blessings to you,

Bishop Alberto Rojas