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On Jan. 16, the Diocese held its annual Migrant Mass in honor of the many immigrant communities that enrich our region. Since 2007, the Mass has been celebrated every year.

The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Alberto Rojas at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in Yucaipa, and this year’s theme was “Towards an Ever Wider We.” The liturgy was attended by people of numerous different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom wore traditional cultural dress. The Mass also included readings, prayers and songs in multiple languages.

During his homily, Bishop Rojas reminded congregants that we are all immigrants or pilgrims in this world, and that Jesus himself was an immigrant, in a way.

“The Incarnation of God in the person of Jesus was another immigration. God immigrated from Heaven to us in order for us to have the full redemption, the full salvation, in the person of Jesus. So when we come to this day to recognize the immigrant people, the people who continue to come from anywhere in the world looking for a better life, many times to save their physical life from the threats of evil, it’s just a fair, Christian, Catholic thing to do to be welcoming of the immigrant communities,” said Bishop Rojas.