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Cameroonian Catholics in the Diocese now have a monthly Mass to celebrate in community. The first Cameroonian Community Mass was held Oct. 16 and will continue to take place every third Sunday of the month at St. John XXIII in Fontana/Rialto.

“The Cameroon Community Mass is a brainchild of the Bishop of San Bernardino Diocese thanks to the numerous calls by his His Holiness Pope Francis to pray for Cameroon and the ongoing crisis that has claimed the lives and happiness of so many people,” said Fichanfie Nkwain, a Cameroonian Catholic who has been attending St. Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills.

St. John XXIII was selected to host the Mass, although many of the people that attend come from different parts of the Diocese, said Nkwain.

“Praising God in our own culture and the way which is reminiscent of how we did back home brings a lot of spiritual peace and a sense of being home, though far from home. It is in that way we best understand and communicate with God,” said Nkwain.

“We are more than thankful for such an opportunity and we call on all to join us thank God in our style. Come join us and experience variety in praise,” said Nkwain.

The monthly Cameroonian Community Mass will take place the third Sunday of every month at 3 p.m.