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 James was there to meet the ICF members and guests and give a little hint of what is to come when he returns March 19 as the featured speaker at their Second Annual Saint Joseph’s Day Gala Dinner.

 A former choir director at The Holy Name of Jesus’ Olive Street site (then Sacred Heart), James was not a completely new face. What was new, however, was the recounting of his experience working with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and the Missionaries of Charity for over a decade.

 As James graciously talked and ate lunch with all those gathered that Saturday morning, the influence of being around the saintly Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity Sisters showed through to the ICF members. 

 “He stole my heart,” ICF member Patricia Thompson said as she was explaining how she could tell Bradley was doing God’s work by being with them that morning. Thompson went on to say that it was evident to her that James sees God’s hand in what he does and he gave the impression of knowing that he had been brought to this smaller gathering as part of God’s plan every bit as much as when he returns as guest speaker for the larger audience at the Saint Joseph’s Day Gala Dinner. 

 Thompson attributed this to James’ time spent around Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and was glad her daughter, Emily, a second grader at Sacred Heart Academy assisting her with behind the scenes work, was able to be there to meet him.

 Like the other ICF members present John Guerin was touched by James’ account of working closely with Mother Teresa and being given exclusive rights by her to write and record music to her words and prayers. James will again share some of his stories and songs at the Gala Dinner and Guerin was confident others will be as inspired by the stories and music as he was. Guerin was looking forward to being able to hear more about Bradley’s experience with Mother Teresa and was excited for the opportunity for the ICF to share this with the wider community.

 Tickets for the Saint Joseph’s Day Gala Dinner are $15 and will include a full course Italian dinner as well as a talk and performance by Bradley James. Doors open at 5:30 pm with dinner following at 6:00 pm. For tickets or more information please call 909.790.1553 or 909.794.2244. The Holy Name of Jesus is located at 115 W. Olive Avenue, Redlands, California.


   Anne Alhadef is fourth grade instructional aide and campus minister at Sacred Heart Academy in Redlands.