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Program for wayward Catholics continues at Redlands parish

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By Tim Corcoran

REDLANDS—Attention all baptized Catholics who feel called to return to their faith and a closer relationship with God! We know that many have drifted away from their faith and there are a lot of reasons for this lack of interest including anger, disappointment or a misunderstanding of our Church. But catastrophic events, losses and setbacks in life, or even unexplained blessings, can trigger a desire to revisit our religion.

Sometimes we simply hear God calling us in the night and we realize it is time to respond. Now, we can offer you an opportunity to come home to the Church.

 Catholics Returning Home is an eight-week series of 1.5-hour classes presented in a non-threatening, informal setting where you can ask questions and have discussions with trained Team Members. Many parishes in the Diocese have adopted this national program with success. In this case, relaxed, informal sessions are presented by trained lay ministers and clergy from The Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Redlands.

 Catholics Returning Home is not a Bible study or Catechism directed class but one that is all about you. Experience interactive participation, lively discussion and, perhaps, some divine intervention to assist you as you attempt to reconnect with the Church. 

 We are extending this invitation to all parishes as some folks prefer to attend this type of a class in a parish other than their own. Parishes may also send a lay minister to audit the class and return to present the program in their own parish. All are welcome!

 We look forward to seeing you Wednesday nights starting Jan. 10 at 7 pm at The Holy Name of Jesus Olive campus Parish Hall. Classes are free, 90 minutes in length and run for eight weeks.

 For more information email hnoj.catholicsreturninghome@sbdiocese.org or call 909.654.3193. 

Tim Corcoran is a mediator, lay minister and parishioner of The Holy Name of Jesus.