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 Father Leonard DePasquale, I.M.C., V.F., Parish Administrator, expressed the thanks of the parishioners for this very generous donation and for all the good work that the Knights of Columbus of Council 4488 have done for St. Bernardine and for many other parishes and organizations that they help through their Charity Fund.

 This donation is being given to assist the parish in carrying out a project of replacement of the air conditioning/heating system of the historical Church of St. Bernardine. The overall cost of the project is estimated at $60,000 to replace two, 12.5 ton units on the roof of the church, and add a new gas line for heating. 

 St. Bernardine Church, built in 1912, is located in the heart of downtown San Bernardino. The parish is the oldest of the Diocese of San Bernardino, founded in 1862. March 18 marked the 25th anniversary of the seismic retrofitting of the church building. The traditional brick structure had been declared unsafe in case of an earthquake by local and state government. In 1994, the parishioners completed a project of restructuring and reinforcing the ceiling and walls with a steel frame. The work, completed in two months, cost $260,000. The parishioners of St. Bernardine have always worked hard to maintain St. Bernardine as a beautiful landmark and place of worship. The current air conditioning/heating project is one of many efforts to care for and improve the parish facilities which have become worn with time. The parishioners also continue to celebrate their Catholic faith carrying out many ministries of service and of formation of children, youth and adults. Through this generous help of the Knights of Columbus St. Bernardine Church will continue to be a sign of hope for the parishioners and people of our Diocese and the community of San Bernardino. Always Forward! Siempre Adelante.