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NORTH SHORE—St. Juan Diego Mission in the small village of North Shore, located on the edge of the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea, has acquired a new chapel and celebrated their first Mass there in May. About 250 attended the first Mass, although the church only holds about 150, so the remaining 100 people participated from outside the building. It is a mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, Mecca, and serves the farmworkers who live in the area, many of whom are Purépecha, indigenous people from Mexico.

Many in the community lack transportation to get to the closest parish in Mecca, so they have been meeting for Mass in North Shore in various locations over the past few years. Initially they were having Mass outside in a parking lot, braving the heat, where it can reach 120° in the summer. Then, with the help of Catholic Extension, a national fundraising organization that supports remote Catholic communities, the community was able to lease a building to temporarily meet in for Mass, before purchasing this chapel.

In addition to the chapel, there is a hall and a house for the Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit Sisters who minister there. We congratulate the community on their new chapel and continue to keep them in our prayers.