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 “I really want it to be open to everyone, English, Spanish, Tongan, children’s choirs, hand bells,”Argotti said.

 All choirs, cantors, instrumentalists, and directors are invited to attend the Mass and blessing. The Mass is a result of several people in music ministry requesting a commissioning, much like other ministries receive. 

 The blessing of liturgical musicians is rare in the United States. Only a few dioceses offer something similar. 

 “Part of my reasoning for doing this is that no neighboring diocese has something like this. Many don’t know what this is. The closest diocese that has a blessing for musicians is the Diocese of Oakland,” Argotti said.

 Argotti prays the blessing of liturgical musicians will help the ministers and others see the musicians and choir members more as ministers and less as performers. 

 “We aren’t just here to perform, but to serve,” Argotti said. “Liturgical music is an integral part of the liturgy.”

 During the Mass there will be a collection to help support the diocesan St. Cecilia Fund, created by the diocesan Office of Worship to support struggling parishes by purchasing music and instruments for the parish.