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 This same grant also allowed for the design and construction of a new outdoor basketball court, greatly needed for the physical education classes. The new basketball court sits just below the new parent patios made possible by alumni donations. 

 Dr. Jim Brennan, President of Aquinas, and Principal Chris Barrows wanted a comfortable area for parents to sit and visit with each other while waiting for their students to finish up with their teams after practices and games. They expressed their enthusiasm for how many parents faithfully attend the school’s athletics as well as Inland Catholic Schools League (ICSL) events and wanted to show appreciation to families and make the campus to an inviting place to visit.

 Improvements around the gymnasium are also visible and still in progress. A concrete walkway now replaces the dirt walkway that was the beaten path for many spectators. The asphalt wall is now a block wall that will provide seating and the area behind is currently being planted with trees, flowers and shrubs. Many parent volunteers put endless time and other donations into the building of this wall. New lighting is also being added for security and beauty.

 In front of the main office a very large planter was installed as another part of the beautification plan for Aquinas. Shrubs and flowers are now a welcoming entrance to the administrative offices.

 With all this activity going on, school is well under way with approximately 368 students, an increase from last school year’s enrollment. A part of this increase is due to an increase in the student foreign exchange program. Aquinas has 14 exchange students who have come from China, Spain and Mexico. This is an increase from eight students last school year. The increased enrollment is also a reflection of high attendance coming from our partner schools and various transfer students.