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The blessings of different cultures on display during Catholic Schools Week

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By Andie Ordona
Grade 8

ONTARIO—As a student and the Vice President of St. George School’s Student Council, I enjoyed establishing the activities and events we held during this special week of celebration.


 These are the activities that stay engrained in the memories of children. Catholic Schools Week is the opportunity to feature and help the community understand our faith and capture what it means to do God’s will in a way where students can have fun and participate in the “hustle and bustle” of the week. As our tradition upholds, culture and diversity have a lot to do with what we believe in when it comes to faith. 

 As Catholics, we are taught to celebrate diversity and understand differences, which is why Cultural Day takes place during our Catholic Schools Week. Every year, we ask the families of our school to bring in cuisine from their culture. For lunch, our school has a potluck full of the food that families brought in. This year, we decided to try something new. We had a morning assembly and invited special guests who performed an Aztec dance and sang two traditional Hispanic songs. It was truly the highlight of the day. This assembly was to share the diverse customs there are in the world. It really is a thrill to see what other cultures have to offer and how much my fellow peers enjoyed this new experience. 

 Traditionally, this week is one the best ways to capture Catholic beliefs with spirit. The students are always excited for what each day has to offer and what the events will be for the rest of the week. As I prepare to graduate, it really is a delight to see the school filled with such passion for this occasion. It truly is a memory I will keep forever. God bless all Catholic Schools!