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Aquinas High School’s LaRiviere Society Steering Committee has named four students as its 2022 LaRiviere Scholars. The LaRiviere Scholarship, a $2,000 grant open to Aquinas rising seniors, is awarded primarily on the basis of good character.

This year’s LaRiviere Scholars are Abigail Barrows, Kristen Cervantes, Diego Guerrero and Andres Robles.

The scholars are nominated by Aquinas High School Principal Amanda Egan and the school’s faculty members. The three specific criteria to determine good character are students who are solid citizens, avid learners and models of personal ethical values. The LaRiviere Scholarship was established in 2019 by the LaRiviere Society, a group of Aquinas alumni who were impacted by former Aquinas teacher Father Earl LaRiviere. Fr. LaRiviere taught at Aquinas from 1959-1969 and was known for being an inspiring teacher who encouraged his students to perform at their best.

Additionally, Rebecca Forbush was recognized with the LaRiviere Teaching Excellence Award. “Ms. Forbush has consistently demonstrated the qualities that reflect her dedication to her profession, is an excellent communicator and inspires each student to perform at their very best,” according to a press release from the LaRiviere Society.

The LaRiviere Society has the goal of raising funds for a $500,000 endowment for yearly scholarships forever. If you would like to donate to this fund, please visit larivieresociety.org/endowment-fund.