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Editha “Dee” Herrera has worked at Resurrection Academy in Fontana for 20 years. She started as a first grade teacher assistant before doing yard duty (supervising students when they are not in class) for several years before moving to her current role as a third grade teacher.

As part of our series on Catholic School teachers in the Diocese, Herrera sat down with the BYTE to tell us a little about herself and her life as a teacher at Resurrection.

BYTE: What drew you to education and teaching?

Herrera: I didn’t really have that inkling to be a teacher at first. But when I started as a teacher assistant, sometimes I would be the substitute teacher, so I fell in love with it. I really love kids, I love working with them. They make me feel so young, and the energy that I absorb from them is great. So I’m very passionate about it now, and thankfully, I still love what I do.

BYTE: What would you say is unique or special about teaching at a Catholic school and what do you enjoy about it?

Herrera: My faith really grew more. I mean, I was raised as a Catholic. I went to a Catholic high School and a Catholic university. I was raised like that and I liked what I learned, but my faith really grew more working at a Catholic school.

It’s so nice that our school is very near the church, so every day I can just visit. And we have Friday Masses, which I love. The kids love it, too, because the priest really connects with them. They look forward to our Friday Masses.

BYTE: Is there anything that you do to implement the faith day-to-day in the classroom?

Herrera: Oh yes, religion is really integrated with every subject, with everything we do. Like with science I tell them, what do you see here, how do you connect religion and God’s creation to this. It’s all connected, so integrated. It’s awesome that we can do that here.

BYTE: What’s something that you think your students teach you or bring to you? How do they make an impact on you?

Herrera: They teach me every day, especially, number one, patience. To be more understanding. Then all their questions; they challenge me and I love that. They love it when I say, ‘Oh, wait, I don’t know that. Let’s learn about it.’ But most of all really teaching me and reminding me to be more patient and be more like Christ-like.

BYTE: Do you have a favorite Bible verse or favorite saint, and what do you like to do in your free time?

Herrera: My favorite quote is really just let go and let God. And then for my hobbies, I love dancing. I love watching movies; I like suspense movies. And I love traveling, which I did in my younger days. Now it’s just limited to the Philippines, where I’m from, and Vegas. But I want to go to Europe.

I have three girls, I’m happily married. I love walking.

And hopefully I can keep teaching in the coming years. Because I don’t want to retire. They always ask me ‘when are you retiring?’ I said ‘no, I don’t have plans to retire. Not yet.’ I’d love to keep teaching as long as I can.