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The LaRiviere Society has selected five Aquinas High School juniors to receive $2,000 scholarships, in honor of former teacher Father Earl LaRiviere.

Father Earl LaRiviere taught at Aquinas from 1959 through 1969. He inspired his students to perform at their own highest individual ability and to embrace the highest qualities of character. La Riviere Scholars have demonstrated impressive academic performance and stand out qualities of character. Congratulations to these 2023 LaRiviere Scholars!

Tanner Cash Hahn went to Sacred Heart Academy in Redlands for middle school, and he belongs to The Holy Name of Jesus parish in Redlands. He said his family and friends inspired the high character, ethics, solid citizen, and avid-learner standards that enabled him to win this award.

Lillian Craikaeg graduated from St Catherine’s of Siena grade school in Rialto before attending Aquinas. She said, “My parents are my main inspiration - they faced many challenges and always taught me to work hard for what I want.”

Bol Dhieu is from Southern Sudan and came to the United States in June 2022. “Aquinas High School is a HOME to me,” Dhieu said. “I love a lot of things about it, from the administration to students, they have the best teaching staff and also great coaches.” Dhieu’s goals for the future are to be able to provide for his family and currently he is working towards being able to compete in Division I basketball, get a good education and play professional basketball.

Maximo Villerreal graduated from St Catherine of Siena School in Rialto before attending Aquinas. “God is my main inspiration because of the sacrifices he made. I also love the fascinating world of engineering and science,” Villerreal said.

Isuara Hernandez is a member of St Catherine of Siena Parish, Rialto and graduated grade school there before attending Aquinas. Isuara said her immigrant parents taught her attitudes towards hard work, responsibility, and accountability that make a difference.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Mr. Marcus James:
The LaRiviere Society along with the student scholars, also awards one teacher for the Excellence in Teaching Award. This year’s winner is Mr. Marcus James, Aquinas High School Science Department Chair and Assistant Director of Classroom Technology. Marcus said what inspires him to teach is “the ability to show my students many different fields of science that they can study. This makes it easier for them to select a career or field of study they are truly passionate about.”