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 Masks inspired by African culture greet your eyes and next to the magnificent art, an African chief stands proudly.  He smiles before us wearing a vibrant red cap that acquaints itself with our eyes and brings smiles of amazement.  This red cap that he is wearing is not any ordinary attire.  For it signifies the dignity and respect of a Red Cap Chief.  The man that stood before us was the Chief of a tribe in Africa and a father of a 7th grade student.  He told us of the place in which he grew up, a beautiful and exotic land with cities and modern technology.  He also shared with us the very most important tasks he must perform as a Red Cap Chief.  He then spoke to us about how in America it is different from his home, but he still admired our country just the same.  He also brought to our minds that being a chief is being kind, proud, and showing leadership.  He inspired us all with the magnificent art and proud words.  As we sat on the pavement, our minds fell towards the golden sea of thought that had just been brought before our eyes.