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 The loss of any police officer is always a tragic event. This hit close to home, especially with so many Notre Dame families having law enforcement connections. 

 As the Notre Dame family came together at the start of the Lenten Season on February 13 the funeral for Officer Crain was to include a procession past our school. On this day of sacrifice and reflection for God and all He has done for us, the Notre Dame faculty and students lined the streets of Indiana Avenue to pay their respects to a true hero. As the procession passed by, silence and somber feelings were felt throughout and we were all so blessed to come together to celebrate the life of Officer Crain. Carlos Arce, a Notre Dame faculty member, stated, “I am really proud to be part of our Notre Dame community. One Heart One Spirit.”

 The Notre Dame community includes parents, aunts, uncles, siblings and spouses that are a part of the law enforcement family. Campus Minister Michael Alvarado and Father Paul Schmidt held a prayer service earlier in the week to pray over the Notre Dame families that are so closely related to this tragic event. As we say goodbye to Michael Crain and pray for all law enforcement, we ask the Lord to watch over the heroes who risk their lives to protect us, and to guard their families through these tough times.

Molly Moreno is a senior at Notre Dame High School; Victoria McNeill is a junior.