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 Two years ago, Notre Dame embarked on a project of becoming a technology enhanced learning environment utilizing a one-to-one technology model, meaning that each student has their own device. The administrative team at Notre Dame began examining models for the adoption of a one-to-one model by consulting vendors, visiting campuses, reviewing devices, examining curriculum, attending conferences, and consulting with Catholic schools who have successfully implemented a one-to-one program. A key component of the project was the early formation of the iEngage Implementation Team, consisting of 14 members selected from among the faculty, staff, administration, and technology advisors affiliated with Notre Dame.

 “We are very excited to partner with Apple Education in achieving our goal of becoming an iPad school,” Notre Dame President Robert Beatty said. “The excitement among our faculty is real and we are looking forward to further achieving our vision of creating student centered, technology-enhanced, academically-strong, innovative learning environments.”

 To date Notre Dame faculty has received iPads, attended Apple training, explored iBooks, discovered iTunes University, examined academic-related apps, demonstrated lessons in faculty meetings, and shared strategies for engaging students in the learning process with the iPad’s resources, according to Beatty.

 Many factors went into selecting the iPad as Notre Dame’s choice for a one-to-one solution, including functionality, availability of resources, the prevalence of educational apps, prevalence of iBook textbooks, the predominance of iPads among current students, savings over traditional textbooks, and access to the Apple education eco-system.

 In preparation for the adoption of the iPad this fall, Notre Dame embarked on a comprehensive upgrade of its technology infrastructure. A 50Mb fiberoptic internet connection was installed providing the school with extensive bandwidth and connectivity to Internet resources.