Jan 28- Feb 03, 2024

Hear from our Catholic Schools...

“We aim to acquaint students with the greatness and worth of God so they might have faith in Christ and live for the glory of God. At Sacred Heart School in Palm Desert, we place an emphasis on service and faith formation which produces students who are more civically engaged, tolerant of diverse views, and committed to service as adults.”  -Alan Bruzzio, Principal.

St. Adelaide School, Highland, kicked off the week with a special Mass and Open House. Special volunteers, a distinguished alumnus, and three dedicated educators were recognized. We are also pleased to acknowledge one of our students, Music DelaRosa, for winning the Diocesan Writing Contest for her division. -Barbara Malouf Gustafson, Principal.

“At St. Joseph School, Upland, we serve our students, families, parish, and community with Christ as our focal point. Our parishioners love seeing our students at Mass and sharing in the faith together; we pray for them, and they pray for us. It’s a beautiful example of sharing the faith as a Catholic community. Our school very actively serves others by donating and organizing service projects throughout the year. -Sandra Alamo-Ng, Principal.

It’s CSW every week at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Indio, but what sets this time of year apart is the extra attention spent remembering, recognizing, and celebrating the people who come together to help us be our best.  Each day focuses on special groups who support our mission to open wide the doors of Christ.  and students. These activities and others remind us how blessed we are to be part of Catholic education. - Ann R. Meier, Principal.

St. Edward School, Corona, student council meets each year to find a way to lead all students in the gospel message and to serve our community. This year the students have chosen to collect blankets to donate to the homeless in the community. Students spoke at parishes in the surrounding communities about what Catholic School means to them and to invite them to our Open house February 4th. -Nathan Arnold, Principal.

For Catholic Schools Week, Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac School, Temecula, celebrated our students by sharing student-created projects highlighting why Catholic education is valuable and impactful. They also celebrated the gift of vocation by expressing gratitude for the vocation of the Sisters of the Company of Mary, interviewing them and writing thank you cards, as well to the priests who serve on our campus. -Melissa Colombo, teacher.

Sacred Heart Academy, Redlands, a ministry of The Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, strives to educate the whole child, spiritually, academically, physically, and socially in a faith-filled culturally diverse environment. We challenge ourselves to be responsible citizens that impact society with hope. -Angela Williams, Principal.

Aquinas High School, San Bernardino, had a week of fun and meaningful activities to celebrate Catholic Schools week. We had our all-school Mass for St. Thomas Aquinas and participated in a warm coat and sweater drive by partnering with an organization in our greater community. We honored all of the priests by creating cards. We honored our school’s faculty and staff with a special breakfast and personalized letters written by students. -Amanda Egan, Principal.

At Saint Catherine of Alexandria School, Riverside, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week with faith and unity in Christ. During dress-up week, students wore community service and religious themed outfits. The Rosary was recited every morning. Lastly, we held a school pep rally and religious bingo. -Adalene Truong, Kendall Milenkiewicz, Emilie Gonzalez, Trevor Truong and Jaxon Torre, staff.

St. Catherine of Siena School, Rialto, celebrated Catholic Schools Week with a School Mass a Kick-Off Pep Rally, Buddy Activity & Family Night Dinner, Career Day, Prayed the Rosary and gave Appreciation Gifts for pastors and deacons, and School Mass and Buddy Olympics. Our CSW celebrations brought students, families, and school staff together to spread the gospel through these community gatherings. -Beverly Winn, Principal.

At St. Francis de Sales School, Riverside, the Diocesan mission is prevalent throughout the school year. Older students have younger students as buddies and throughout the year they read to them and teach them about our faith. During Catholic Schools Week, buddy classes created a spiritual bouquet for each other, prayed and had lunch. They also created cards for the sick members of the parish community. -Erica A. Hartnett, Principal.


Catholic Schools 2024 Awards


  • Maria Ramos, Aquinas High School, San Bernardino (AHS)
  • Tim Worthington, Notre Dame High School, Riverside (NDHS)
  • Selena Payton, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Indio (OLPHI)
  • Elizabeth and Evan Kimble, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Riverside (OLPHR)
  • Kelle Johnson, Our Lady of the Assumption School, San Bernardino (OLA)
  • Betsaira Pabon, Resurrection Academy (RA)
  • Bruce King, Sacred Heart Academy, Redlands (SHAR)
  • Gilda and Ted Jimenez, Sacred Heart School, Rancho Cucamonga (SHRC)
  • Anthony Cardenas, Monique Quiroz, St. Adelaide Academy, Highland (SAA)
  • Kristen Rodriguez, Heidi Nocon, St. Catherine of Alexandria, Riverside (SCA)
  • Tracy Torrico, Kim Kavanagh, St. Edward School, Corona (SES)
  • Michael Peralta, St. Francis de Sales School, Riverside (SFDS)
  • Cynthia and Alfred Sixtos, St. George School, Ontario (SGS)
  • Kim Bui, St. Hyacinth Academy, San Jacinto (SHA)
  • Jim Duffy, St. James School, Perris (SJS)
  • Lili Negrete, St. Jeanne de Lestonnac School, Temecula (SJDL)
  • Ricardo Varela, St. Joseph School, Upland
  • Nicole Parra, St. Margaret Mary School, Chino (SMM)
  • Don Saul, St. Peter & St. Paul Catholich School, Alta Loma (SPSP)
  • Joe Sebelia, Peter Lerma, St. Thomas the Apostle, Riverside (STA)


  • Eric Keen, Kelly Moran, NDHS
  • Maddy Zidek, SHAR
  • Ricson Dakanay, SAA
  • Juliana Villarreal, St. Catherine of Siena
  • Marcia Railton, SFDS
  • Laura Lee, Alyssa Vallejo, SHA
  • Melissa Colombo, Makenna Stanisai, SJDL


  • Sue McConnell, AHS
  • Chris Johnson, NDHS
  • Enedina Mendiola, Vilma Mendoza, Holy Rosary Academy, San Bernardino (HRA)
  • Liz Castro, OLPHI
  • Adriana Mata, OLPHR
  • Janet Islas, OLA
  • Natasha Burgess, SHAR
  • Rachel Arrezola, SHRC
  • Kathryn Day, SCA
  • Rebecca, Marcure, SES
  • Debra Flores, SGS
  • Yolanda Martinez, Alyssa Wichterman, SJDL
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Ernie Gutierrez, St. Joseph School
  • Alvys Kowalski, SMM
  • Vanessa Huertas, SPSP


  • Michael Beckley, AHS
  • Ruben Avila, AHS
  • Jocelyn Cardenas, OLPHI
  • Jane Manasuk, OLPHR
  • Arisbet Martinez, OLA
  • Hannah Johnson, Sacred Heart School, Palm Desert (SHPD)
  • Marie Saba, SHRC
  • Julietta Kendall, SCA
  • Vicki Hicks, SES
  • Michelle Medina, SGS
  • Karla Cortez, SHA
  • Jennifer McClain, St. James School
  • Espie Villa, Evelyn Downey, Dr. Michael Pascual, Angelica Morales, SJDL
  • Theresa Fitzgerald, St. Joseph School
  • Rachel Corvese, Wendy Vargas, SMM
  • Jason Losciale, SPSP
  • Jasia Martinez, STA


  • Partnership Award: Renaissance
  • St. Thomas Aquinas: Sam Martinez
  • Seton Hope Award: Ed Bonadiman
  • Good Shepherd: Fr. Rogelio Gonzalez
  • People's Choice: Music Dela Torre & Aryanni Lansang


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