By Andres Rivera
Staff Writer

SAN BERNARDINO—While keeping its name, this year’s Youth Christian Leadership Training (YCLT) welcomed a new location and format. More than 130 high school students, representing 23 parishes, participated in the weeklong training June 16 – 20 at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino.

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By John Andrews

SAN BERNARDINO—Delila Vasquez has seen education from “the ground up and the bureaucracy down.”

 Such was Diocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools Patricia Vesely’s description of Vasquez, who will begin a new position as President of Holy Rosary Academy and Our Lady of the Assumption School starting July 1.

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Watching the metamorphosis – a kindergarten teacher’s view

By Teresa Sanchez
St. George School

ONTARIO—Every year at the beginning of the school year, I am reminded of why I believe teaching kindergarten is one of the hardest jobs in the world. 

 In August, my new students are famous for crying, wandering, asking off-topic questions, telling off-topic stories, sleeping at inopportune times, and tattle-taling, just to name a few. For the first three months of the year, I go home each night completely frazzled and so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. 

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SAN BERNARDINO—Dr. James Brennan, President of Aquinas High School, asked the Knights of Columbus, Council 4488, San Bernardino for assistance in remodeling the school’s chapel. The Knights stepped up and accepted the challenge.

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SAN BERNARDINO—During the last two weeks of May, school administrators and teachers from just outside Beijing, China came to Aquinas High School to observe how teachers help students become problem solvers. 

 They wanted to see how students learn critical thinking, develop research skills and interact in the classroom with other students and their teachers. These educators from China believe Aquinas is a great model of teaching research skills along with modern technology. 

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By Callista Ordonez

The following are remarks prepared by Sacred Heart Academy eighth grader Callista Ordonez for the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Redlands on May 1.

 As today is a day of prayer, I would like to briefly explain how myself and other practicing Catholics pray. Prayer can come in many different forms. Prayer can be through singing, confession, petitions, a conversation with God, and much more. Prayer is simply talking to God in any way that one feels most comfortable with. 

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