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 Sister Mary Doran, OLVM, Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, died peacefully in Hospice Care on Sept. 15, 2019, in the presence of her OLVM Sisters, who had come to be with her during her recent illness. 

Sister Mary, the last OLVM Sister living locally, has for many years gifted the Diocese by her presence in Bermuda Dunes, her ministry as paralegal and her ongoing missionary zeal. On Aug.5, 2019, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of her profession, Sr. Mary shared with those assembled: 

 “The Lord’s call came to me, but I was hesitant to respond, not knowing what the life would be. Once I decided to enter a religious congregation, there was no hesitation about which congregation to enter. As I look back over those 50 years, with Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters , I reminisce over my life. It has been a life of adventure and challenges, always being sent to new destinations and different ministries. Making friends along the way. I am truly grateful to God for calling me to Religious Life, to my community of Sisters, to family and friends, and to everyone who was with me on the journey It has been a joyful pilgrimage.” 

 Now, at the journey’s end, as she is laid to rest after funeral services in Victory Noll, Indiana, we pray in gratitude for her life in the Diocese of San Bernardino.  May she rest in the Peace and the Light of Christ.