Bishop Alberto Rojas
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On Jan. 13, M. Francis of Assisi Phu Quoc Nguyen, through the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the imposition of hands by Bishop Alberto Rojas, celebrated his Ordination to the priesthood. The Ordination was held at Saint Joseph Monastery in Lucerne Valley at 10 am. The following day Father Phu Nguyen celebrated his first Mass at 11 am in the monastery chapel. Saint Joseph Monastery is a Cistercian monastery, a religious community of Roman Catholic men who are vowed to a life of constant conversion and witness to the Gospel according to the Rule of Saint Benedict and Constitutions of the Cistercian Congregation of the Holy Family. Seven times each day, the monks perform “Ora et Labora,” (pray and work) a phrase that reflects the basic idea underlying the rule of monastic life.