Superintendent's Footnotes
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The Catholic identity of our schools is unique and allows for our youth to fill a critical role in our Church.  Our Catholic schools are driven and guided by our mission to remain rooted in Gospel values, centered on the Eucharist, committed to faith formation, academic excellence, and service. Serving and teaching service through our traditions, sacrifices and prayers are the exercises that bind us in unity for and in Christ. 

 Our schools provide a rigorous academic program that integrates faith, culture, and life.  Relevant and developmentally appropriate opportunities are provided inside and outside of the classroom for students to encounter their faith in prayer and action while developing a sensitivity of our living church. Opportunities for thought, word, and participation create a unifying experience for our youth.  Together, parents and guardians who have a great love for these their children, along with your child’s school, create a synergy that impacts the school, our community, and our Church. We are blessed by each other.   

 With this season of promotions and graduations in full bloom, we give thanks to our teachers, our administrators, our volunteers, and all individuals who cross paths with these devoted teams and in providing the best possible experience in our schools.  We thank God for all our challenges, our efforts, our successes, but most important, the opportunity to share in this magnificent experience of being His children and being His church.

 If you know a child who would benefit from a Catholic education, please contact my office or your local Catholic school so we can discuss this opportunity. May the peace of almighty God be with you as we thank Him for all our children and the opportunity to serve them within our Catholic Schools.

Samuel Torres is Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of San Bernardino.