40th Anniversary
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Our community has been through many trials on the journey with the Diocese, but at every moment we were able to overcome the challenges with the help of God and the Diocese and grow into an experience of God at that moment. 

 The Korean culture is somewhat closed due to the historical background that the country has had to defend itself from the invasion of many foreign powers. However, it is also the culture of the “warm heart” that helps each other generously when it has challenges. Therefore, it is not only a people who gradually adapt as time passes by, but also the people who can be enshrined with passion and dedication more than anyone else after settling in their roots. 

 We are always grateful for the unity of other people and the efforts of the Diocese to know that we are one people in God (One Body in Christ) because of the policies of favor and openness to other peoples. Through the liturgical form and various seminars that foster harmony among the different cultural groups, we were naturally able to recognize that we are One Body in Christ. Of course, the participation and active appearance of ethnic minorities should be further developed including our Korean community.