SB • 12-2 | Responding in Faith
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 But if you will hear and if you would see, look at the faces in this church; the beautiful faces. You wanted us to be angry but we are at peace with each other. You wanted us to be hateful to each other, but we come here with love. You wanted us to be disunited but we are united.

 You forgot the basic message that your book, the Koran, the scripture, tells you. All humanity is one and I am with all.

 You forgot that it is only in America, in a church, a Catholic church, in the presence of a bishop, in the presence of a rabbi, in the presence of people of different faiths and different nationalities and different ethnicities, we again rededicate ourselves and recommit ourselves to the idea of peace and to the oneness of humanity and that’s why we are here today.

 No matter what name you take, no matter what slogans you make, you cannot divide us because we believe that every human life is precious and sacred.

 It is our obligation to defend the human life if that means that we have to give our own life for that human life ... We believe that it is our common destiny to stand for each other.

 We believe that each one of us has a right to live the way God wants us to live.

 We believe that life must be protected and as a people belonging to different religious identities and different religious ideas, we must hold our hands together to ensure that no human life is lost and to ensure that no human life is wasted because God doesn’t want enmity.

 Today, in the presence of God almighty and in the presence of my friends and the bishop and the rabbi and the priest, we make our commitment to that peace that we will all be together no matter what. And we will all work together for peace and for the decency and the safety of human life regardless of what that life belongs to. Thank you very much.